Paris in December


Hi! I’m Diana, the writer and photographer behind In Between Pictures. I currently call Miami home.

I started traveling at a very young age and remembering eating hard boiled egg in the hot spring of Hakone, visiting Sanrio Land (Japanese version of Disneyland), the cultural shock of seeing a “traditional toilet” in China, and other really fond memories that have shaped my view of the world and traveling.

I have lived in four different cities in three different continents. I am blend of Asian, Latin, and North American cultures with hint of European. I no longer identify myself with a specific culture. I have traveled to more than 20 countries and still working to push that number up. My mind feels restless when I’m not on the go and so I take off every chance I get. The only way I can feed my vagabond soul.

Follow me and I will show you my adventures and misadventures around the world all from a chic perspective.

All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise. Pictures cannot be used without permission granted.

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