Colonel – Keeping Meat Lovers Happy – ...

Colonel – Keeping Meat Lovers Happy – Brussels

Colonel – Keeping Meat Lovers Happy – Brussels

I found Colonel on – a blog dedicated to reviewing restaurants primarily in Belgium and other parts of the world. I decided to try my luck and showed up without a reservation. To reserve, you can call or use their reservation tool on their website. Upon arrival, I shared my enthusiasm with the hostess for wanting to try the place, she looked through the book and found a spot for me but kindly advised that they would need the table in two hours. She sat me at a table for two towards the back of the restaurant; more privacy and clear view of the kitchen and restaurant.

Colonel specializes in high quality meats and they have a distinct method of curating it. They even have a butcher’s counter where you can choose the cut. You can also order a la carte if you rather not go though the butcher’s section. Some people may not find this section very appetizing.

Colonel - Brussels

The Menu

The staffs at Colonel were very attentive and friendly. Unfortunately, I don’t speak French but the staffs speak very well English. Half the menu is also in English.

For starter I ordered the Semi-cooked beef with young caviar, toast with soft-boiled quail’s egg. The combination of flavors and textures was amazing and the semi-cooked beef was very tender. For the main course, I ordered Black Angus Prime Rib Eye steak with Belgium fries cooked in beef fat, mix salad, and béarnaise sauce.

Their menu may have changed since I went but rest assured that great food still awaits. If you are planning a trip to Brussels, make sure to stop by. Belgium has a great selection of restaurants to delight your palate and Brussels really knows how to keep a foodie happy.

Colonel - Brussels

DSCF2713Colonel - Brussels

There was another restaurant I wanted to check out while I was in Brussels, L’Idiot Du Village, but unfortunately they do not open on weekends. Restaurants in Europe do not follow American hours and a lot of them have very particular schedule. Some of them may even be closed for a whole month.


Rue Jean Stas 24

1060 BrusselTel: +32 2 538 57 36

Mail: [email protected]

Mardi-Samedi | Di-Za | Tu-Sa

12u – 14:30 & 19 – 22:30

Di & Lu | Zo & Ma | Su & Mo





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