Experiencing Opera in Vienna Opera House

Experiencing Opera in Vienna Opera House

Vienna Opera House

Experiencing Opera in Vienna Opera House

Watching an opera at the grand Vienna Opera House has been on my bucket list for the longest time. I mean this should be on everyone’s bucket list. The opera house itself is a magnificent sight and I loved seeing the attendees dressed up. I felt transported back to the time when the Opera was a social event and everybody wanted to be seeing with his or her best attire.

How to score tickets?

Advance Tickets

The price varies depending on the date, performance, and seat. It can range from €13 to €250. You can book your tickets on their website and check out the performances going on.

Standing Tickets

If you are on a budget, you can check out the tickets for the standing room for around €4.

Where to find these awesome tickets?

The tickets are sold at their own separate box office at the Staatsoper 80 mins before each performance. Make sure you arrive way before that (2 hours before) since it’s first come first serve, no assigned seats, and this will most likely determine your spot in the standing room.

Vienna Opera House

There are two standing sections. One on the higher level and one on the ground level.

Parterre Standing (look at the picture above)

Ground section and the closest to the stage. It’s located behind the last row of orchestra seats.

Balcony and Gallery (look at the picture above)

This is on the highest level and you get a great view of the spectators and the stage. Just make sure you are at the center because side views are not the best.

Vienna Opera House

Once you get your ticket, rush in and ask the usher to guide you to your section. You will have another line there until doors open. Once you go in and have picked your area, mark it with a scarf/belt or anything you can tie to the railing. Don’t worry, people will respect your marked area. Now you are free to roam the opera house.

We got to watch Anna Bolena in one of the balcony. It was such an amazing experience. From the balcony I got to see the orchestra and the attendees gazing at the stage. I have to admit, maybe the opera is not for everyone as my friend felt a sleep. To be fair, she couldn’t see the monitor and didn’t know what was going on. I would definitely go back if I have the chance.


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