Exploring Iceland By Mouth – A Mouthwatering...

Exploring Iceland By Mouth – A Mouthwatering Adventure

Iceland by mouth

Exploring Iceland by Mouth

We explored the untamed nature of Iceland but what about exploring Iceland by mouth? Icelandic food, to my surprise, was incredibly palate-friendly. We encountered many great restaurants during our cross country road-trip.  In Reykjavik alone, there were countless ways to experience Iceland by mouth! Icelandic people seriously know how to eat.

Public House, Reykjavik

Hungry yet?

Must try

Seafood – specifically Arctic Char (Salmon’s much milder cousin)


Hot dog (yes, you are reading this right. Also, this hotdog stand has their own website too)


Gott, Vestmannaeyjar

Iceland has the best seafood; I don’t think I have ever eaten seafood this fresh and this good in my life anywhere else (you guys know I’ve been to A LOT of places!). Iceland has the cleanest water source in the world, straight from the glaciers so fish are bound to be delicious. Let’s put it this way, this is a place where people who don’t eat seafood eat seafood.

Pakkhús, Höfn (left and top right), Fiskmarkadurinn – The Fish Market, Reykjavik (bottom right)

As Iceland by mouth continued, we had Kjötsúpa (Icelandic lamb soup) at various restaurants. This dish quickly became one of my favorite things to eat in Iceland. In the cold weather, the soup felt like a warm welcome to my stomach.

Fun fact: As hot dogs are tied into classic American culture, so are they to Iceland. The hot dog is their unofficial national food. Fan or not, be sure to try one – simply delicious!

Random note: If you manage to find Duck prosciutto, TRY IT.

Iceland by mouth can be a way to indulge in what many of us crave – sweets. Their national dessert, Skyr (yogurt) is so delicious; they serve it in most restaurants. I know this because I ordered it at every. single. restaurant. I had ice cream in 30°F (this is considered Iceland’s summer).

Valdis, Reykjavik

Iceland by mouth

Pakkhús, Höfn

Iceland by mouth

Ostabúðin, Reykyavik  (and featured image)

Iceland has soooo much to offer, not only for nature but foodie explorers as well. Better yet, anyone that is open to traveling can enjoy this interesting country so do yourself a favor and enjoy Iceland by mouth!

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Just in case, Skyr can also be found in supermarkets too!


Iceland Food


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  1. Definitely bookmarking this food guide for when we visit Iceland. Very excited to connect with you today on Twitter. Looking forward to following your adventures 😊

    • Diana

      15 March

      Awe thank you for stopping by! Yes to new friends and looking forward to your adventures as well!

  2. I can’t wait to visit Iceland one day. I have heard about their wonderful fresh seafood. I am not a huge seafood person, but will definitely be trying some. Also look forward to their lamb soup. And who can pass up dessert, lol. Thanks for sharing. Happy travels.

  3. These foody tips are making me hungry.. and I’ve only just had lunch! Haha!

    Iceland really is stunning isn’t it, people sometimes don’t realise that it has a scrumptious foody culture too – thanks for the tips! 🙂

    Lloyd & Yaya xx

    • Diana

      12 April

      My mission is accomplished haha

  4. Loved the food. I was in seafood heaven—never had seafood so fresh. Didn’t see the duck prosciutto, but sounds unique. Would love to go back and eat more! 😉

    • Diana

      11 November

      Yes, it was the best seafood I ever had in my life! It wasn’t common but I ordered it right away. I love duck!

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