Fuji X100S – Review

Fuji X100S – Review

There’s a main reason why my pictures from Guatemala were unedited aside from the fact that I might be lazy. But the truth is, I wanted you to see and compare how well the Fuji X100S performs. I did plenty of research on this little one  and read a lot of Fuji X100S reviews but couldn’t find pictures that were unedited to see its full potential and flaws. So here they are for you to see.

I’m not going to dwell on details and specs about this camera since you could easily find them EVERYWHERE and I am no expert. Here are instead, my thoughts.

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Before the trip, I may have snapped no more than ten pictures with the camera. Honestly, the Fuji X100S is easy to use but traveling for first time with it, is a different story. I struggled at the beginning but finally mastered the basics at the end and managed to snap my best pictures thus far. One of the best feature on this camera, which I didn’t see any difference when I was using it until I came back, was the ND Filter. I have set the ND filter to ‘fn’ for easy access and found myself pressing more often than not. Thinking back how sunny it was, the camera did a fantastic job capturing colors and details. I am pretty sure without it, sunny days would have looked washed out.

Another aspect I absolutely love about this camera is how silent and low key it is. I was able to capture unsuspected locals at any moment without having them shy away. The size and weight of the camera also helped my neck and back which was the main reason I got the camera.

My only drawback and it might be a deal breaker for some, is the fix lens. At moments, I wished I could zoom in with  but I was left with the manual zoom, my legs. Although this is not a big deal for me since I’m used to shooting with a 28mm lens on my Canon (big zoom lens are too heavy for me to carry around on trips). The good thing is, when you get someone to take a picture of you, they will actually take the full frame! Instead of  (and it happens most of the time) taking a picture of your face and completely missing the background you are trying to capture. I don’t think we want a selfie taken by somebody else.

Needless to say, I absolutely love the Fuji X100S.

Here are some pictures but If you want to see more, check out my Guatemala’s posts here, here, here, and here.

My camera add ons: B+W Filter and Hood

There’s a newer version of this camera Fuji X100T – The T comes with newer features but basically unchanged so you may be better off getting the older version for a much cheaper price.

UPDATE 1/03/16 – I still love this camera! I have basically taken this camera everywhere. I have to admit, I lust for the new Sony 7R II. Who wouldn’t? But for now, my faithful Fuji X100S will do.

UPDATE 3/05/2016

See the drastic evolution of my so called photography skills:

When I first started shooting with DSLR 

When I first got the Fuji X100S

When I finally started editing my pictures in Lightroom 















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