San Francisco Photo Diary For The Foodies

San Francisco Photo Diary For The Foodies

LA and San Francisco Photo Diary

San Francisco Photo Diary

SF is one of those places that looks like it’s not a big deal but after visiting and living there, people can’t get enough of it.  How can you not love fantastic food, friendly people, fun and convenient transportation system, and amazing forests within driving distance? This amazing city offers something for everybody. Check out my San Francisco Photo Diary! For the first part of this trip, check out my LA Photo Diary.

Exploring Los Angeles

Photo Diary

My boyfriend and I have been to San Francisco before but never explored its touristy areas, so we decided it was time. Because everything is so much closer in San Francisco, we managed to do a lot more. Including a visit to Alcatraz.


Fisherman’s Wharf

The perfect place to get a bowl of hot seafood soup but you may have to fight off some feisty seagulls. Just a few steps away, you will find Pier 39 where you will see all the sea lions cuddling!

Musee Mecanique

Want to be transported back to the early 20th century? Stop by this spooky museum. The Musee Mecanique is an interactive museum filled with 20th-century penny arcade games located at Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Pier


Make sure to buy your ticket in advance and to bring a jacket or a scarf. It’s very windy and way colder than on the mainland. They have a morning and night tour for those who are brave enough to visit at night. Also, you will find the BEST view of San Francisco!

LA and San Francisco Photo Diary

Did I mention to check out my San Francisco Photo Diary?!

Japanese Botanical Garden – San Francisco Photo Diary

How cute is this?! Stroll around the garden and enjoy a snack in the tea shop. The food is not great, but the view is was worth it. The mini sandwiches were perfect!

LA and San Francisco Photo Diary

We explore like tourists, but when it comes to food, we eat like locals.

Craving Ramen? I’m always craving it like I’m always craving tacos…For delicious ramen, head out to Slurp Ramen in Chinatown. I walked from the financial district to China town and enjoyed the little alleys leading to the restaurant.


LA and San Francisco Photo Diary

Volta – Modern French Cuisine

This restaurant was one of our favorite finds in San Francisco. Newly opened, Volta offers traditional French cuisine with a modern twist. Make sure to order the Soupe de Poison and for dessert, Caneles De Bordeaux or as I call it, Tiny Cake. The Frenchies approved.


GOTT’S – craving an AMAZING burger? Head to GOTT’S! Their burgers are incredibly fresh and tasty. I swear if it weren’t because we were in a rush, I would have gotten back in line and ordered one more to take on the flight.


Food heaven? This little market is located inside the Ferry Building.

Michael Mina

If you are looking for refined cuisine, check out Michael Mina’s restaurant. Michael Mina has restaurants all over the country, but this one is the flagship restaurant with a Michelin star.

San Francisco has an abundance of stellar restaurants, so it sounds to me, like a great excuse to go back and feed my love for food!

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  1. Oh wow! I love your pictures. San Francisco is on my bucketlist. Would really love to visit the US soon

    • Diana

      19 July

      Thank you love! Yes, you must! There are so many restaurants and delicious food you will LOVE it.

  2. Suzy

    19 July

    Yummo! Brought back great memories from my trip to SF a few years back especially the seafood chowder by Fisherman’s Wharf with cute (sea lion) company. Looks like there are a number of new and adorable eateries to require another visit. I can see myself eating my budget in the ferry building market 🙂

    • Diana

      19 July

      Yes! Seafood chowder 😋 Well, I wouldn’t blame you for spending all your budget in the Ferry Building market lol There are so many new restaurants popping up, you need another trip to SF 😉

  3. Jaynie Wall

    19 July

    I have visited SF many times but never the Japanese Botanical Garden. I need to check it out and have some tea. Your pictures are beautiful and you captured a great variety of the city. If you like pasta I would recommend Little Italy as well.

    • Diana

      19 July

      Thank you so much! Yes, The Botanical Garden was so beautiful! It was very lovely to have tea and snack there. You definitely have to check it out on your next visit! Didn’t have time to visit Little Italy but will do next time!

  4. I love San Fran. I haven’t been back since I was a kid, your pictures make me want to plan a trip back ASAP!!

    • Diana

      19 July

      Yes, I highly recommend everybody to visit and if you haven’t in a while you must too. There are so many new places to visit and new restaurants to try, you will need more than just a few days here!

  5. Vedrana

    19 July

    Vivid and beautiful. <3

  6. Your pictures are amazing 😉

    Mathilde’s Closet

    • Diana

      22 August

      Thank you so much! 😘

  7. Joyce

    12 October

    Love all your pictures! I really love your photos especially of the botanic garden, didn’t know how beautiful it was in SF!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  8. Gina

    30 October

    This is so great! I booked marked t for my trip in December 🙂 Food is always the most challenging aspect of travel for me so having an abundant list on hand is super important, thank Diana!!

    • Diana

      2 November

      Thank you so much Gina! Me too! I don’t go anywhere before researching all the restaurants and cafes in the area 🙈 Hope you enjoy San Francisco ☺️ Very lovely blog btw 💕

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