Long Layover – Berlin Edition

Long Layover – Berlin Edition

What do you do when you have an eight hours long layover in Berlin? – Explore it, of course!

Take advantage of long layovers to explore a new place even if it’s just to get coffee. In Berlin, it is possible to do a quick stop at the Brandenburg Gate or Alexanderplatz since everything is so centralized.

Things to consider:

  1. Carry cash for the bus ride
  2. Make sure you are not dragging any luggage with you (I checked my bag just for this)
  3. Mind your time! Make sure you don’t wonder too far or get lost and miss your connecting flight – The key: Research

Of course you won’t have enough time to properly explore a city in five hours but it is always nice to get fresh air, enjoy a stroll, and have a nice meal too.

I had the opportunity to explore the main attractions and sit for a coffee. The day was clear and the weather was just perfect.

Needless to say, I will be back to explore this eclectic city again. Berlin, Ich liebe dich!

Have you taken advantage of a long layover? and where?




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