Munich Photo Diary – A Taste of The World Ci...

Munich Photo Diary – A Taste of The World City with Heart

Munich Photo Diary

Munich Photo Diary

Munich – the final destination of our little tour across Europe. Arriving by train, we started to make our way towards the hotel. 20 minutes later – picture 3 women, walking around at, what that point, seemed aimlessly. Looking at my surroundings, I realized we exited on the opposite side of the station and basically walked around in a circle for that entire time.  This lack of navigational sense became a common theme on our Europe tour! Coughing away and devoting last bits of energy, my sister and I decided to explore the city while our friend stayed behind at the hotel (once we finally found it) due to sickness. Healthy or not, this was the perfect opportunity to start Munich Photo Diary!

While in Munich, one cannot simply miss the market plaza, Viktualienmarkt. We got ourselves some delicious Wurst and Kraut for lunch (naturally these made it into our Munich Photo Diary) and stayed for a while to enjoy the art of people watching. The city is simply filled with boutiques and cafes! Wondering aimlessly, we arrived at Marienplatz – Munich’s Main Square. Established in 1158, it has been one of the most popular areas in the city.

Another must-visit spot and a great addition to your very own Munich Photo Diary is the Munich Residenz.  No detail was spared. The palace is beautifully adorned where every room is as opulent as the next one. Luckily on our visit, the Palace wasn’t bustling with tourists so we were able to enjoy it as if it was our own humble abode. Wishful thinking doesn’t hurt anyone, right? This quickly escalated to quite the adventures as we began trying to open locked doors and explore passages where such actions were most likely frowned upon.

The sun sets as we head out to the most “German” restaurant we have ever encountered in our lives.  We were not looking for culinary perfection, just aiming for good old German food: Augustiner Keller.

In the morning, before heading to the airport, we made a pit stop at Fünf Höfe (shopping galore) and grabbed a quick bite at the wonderful Aran Cafe. The menu was in German and I didn’t have the Internet available to translate it. We played a game of mysterious ordering. This is where you basically close your eyes and pick an item on the menu. I ended up ordering a croissant, a giant coffee, and an egg salad on toast and it was delicious! Now I understand why this place is so popular, yummy food and a great view wink wink.

Have you ever been to Munich? What was your favorite part?


  1. Norman

    4 July

    Heh…I think you got it wrong. You weren’t visiting Nymphenburg Castle but the Residence Castle (at last that’s what is on the pictures above).

    Great to see a foreigners perspective on my lovely hometown!

    • Diana

      5 July

      Thank you for letting me know! Very lovely hometown 😀

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