My Nordic Tour: Oslo Norway

My Nordic Tour: Oslo Norway

 My Nordic Tour: Oslo Norway

Continuing my Nordic tour, we (my sister and I) arrived at Oslo, Norway Central Station and quickly made our way out in search for our Airbnb apartment after we got our city pass from the convenient store. Once again, we had to go up hill and this time even higher hills pushing our carry on. I keep reminding myself that Europe is not luggage friendly but I don’t seem to learn my lesson. We found the beautiful apartment and lord and behold, the apartment is on the fourth floor, there was no elevator, and the stairway was narrow. We were struggling so much, our host took pity on us and helped us out with the luggage and went up with breeze. The apartment was quintessential Scandinavian apartment: High ceiling, minimalistic décor, separated living room and kitchen, and of course, a little black wood stove.


On our first day, we made our way back to Oslo central station to start the walking tour I had planned. My plan was to walk from Central Station to the Royal Palace, hitting all the touristy areas including the Opera House and the City Center; Leaving for the next day, the more local areas, Oslo West Side and Grünerløkka.




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Grünerløkka is the hipsterish part of Oslo; filled with little antique boutiques, trendy stores, small and quirky coffee shops, and even niche market shops like Travel Shop (everything travel related you will find in there.) This was of course, my favorite area. How can I refuse a perfect day blending with locals and sipping coffee in a trendy area while people watching? I can’t. Grünerløkka is a more relaxed area compared to the city center and the central station area. You can definitely spend a whole day exploring the neighborhood and checking out the boutiques. Grünerløkka demanded so much of my attention, my camera slipped into oblivion.

Between Maridalsveien and the water stream there’s little alley where you will find a building and inside, there’s a food court. Here you will find a variety of food including baking goods. Hello Good Pie is pretty awesome (look at the pies on the Norwegian food post)

We walked through the entire area of Grünerløkka and through it, we discovered a little pond/garden area. Locals were jogging and enjoying a leisure walk.

Oslo West

I arrived at Oslo West searching for a restaurant without realizing I have arrived to the West side. The buildings looked new and the streets were cleaner and less crowded. This area is mainly residential but you will definitely find many restaurants here.

On my quest to search for the best hot chocolate I found Cocoa.  Wonderful Cocoa. I went in and immediately was hit in the face with the wonderful smell of chocolate. The place was full and there was nowhere to sit inside. I went straight to the counter and after considering what to order for 5 mins, I asked the guy that works there, wha do you recommend? Raspberry Hot Chocolate. I was sold. I took my hot chocolate and sat outside.


Aker Brygge

Although I didn’t have time to visit Aker Brygge, this place deserves your time. Aker Brygge is basically a new neighborhood filled with restaurants and perfect to walk around on a nice day. Some of the best restaurants, shops, theaters, and cultural attractions that Oslo has to offer you can find them here.



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