My Nordic Tour: Stockholm Sweden

My Nordic Tour: Stockholm Sweden

Continuing my Nordic Tour: Stockholm Sweden – Just by the shuttle ride, I knew Stockholm was going to be on my top 5 cities in Europe. I arrived at central station and took the subway to my Airbnb apartment. The host met me at the subway station and showed me around before arriving to the apartment. It was a cold and rainy day and I was dragging my luggage around and uphill. It was not a pleasant walk despite my excitement but a great reminder to always pack as light as possible. The apartment was small but nice and clean. It had a beautiful backyard with trees already announcing the fall season. A very appreciated sight if you are from Miami or any place with only one season for that matter.

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On my first day, I went to Gamla Stan (Old Town) a very quaint yet very touristy area. It was smaller than I expected and was able to walk the entire area in a day. That includes the Royal Palace, Parliament, Noble Museum, Grand Hotel, and Port (Outside of Gamla Stan). I read somewhere that there are weekly lunch for 95 Kr but I did not find such thing so I settled for a small restaurant around the area very near Gamla Stan.

After finishing walking the touristy area, I decided to simply walk around and see where it would take me. Somehow, I managed to get into Galleria Mall. Didn’t do any shopping but I did get my customary Fika (coffee break). I sat and watched the locals enjoy their shopping.

One of the best things about Scandinavia is their easy access to Wifi. Everywhere I went, there was free wifi unlike their European southern counterparts (Italy and France, I’m looking at you).

Stockholm felt very safe to me but petty crime is very present in the touristy areas specially during the changing of guards so don’t forget to keep an eye on your items.

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If you exit at central station, you will find plethora of stores inside and outside the station enough to keep you busy all day in Stockholm.



Just a tip: YELP is your best friend. I found many great places to eat and most of them reviewed by locals so even if you don’t understand what they say, a 4 to 5 stars reviews should be enough said.


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