Norway In A Nutshell

Norway in a Nutshell

Oslo to Bergen

On my entire trip to Scandinavia, Norway in a Nutshell was the thing I looked forward the most. I booked my tour online and picked up the tickets in Oslo at the Central Station the day before. We started our journey by parting in the early morning to Mydal by train.



  • Train Oslo-Myrdal, approx. 5 hours
  • The Flåm Railway, approx. 1 hour
  • Fjord cruise Flåm-Gudvangen, approx. 2 hours
  • Bus Gudvangen-Voss, approx. 1 hour
  • Train Voss-Bergen, approx. 1 hour


The train ride from Oslo to Mydal, was by far, one of the most scenic train ride I have ever taken. It was really hard to put down my camera or even to do anything else in fear I would miss something. Looking out was simply breath taking. The train was very clean, felt very comfortable, and looked pretty new. It was a very pleasant ride and the train had all the accommodations. As we went from Oslo into Mydal, the train stopped in several stations to pick up other passengers. Don’t be fooled thinking that the seat next to you is going to remain empty.

DSCF2004 copyDSCF2002

DSCF2063 copy


We arrived at Mydal and quickly switched train to head out to Flam. The train ride from Mydal to Flam was supposed to be the most scenic train ride but personally, I enjoyed the train ride from Oslo to Mydal, a lot more. Also, tourists hoarding the windows and shuttles noises bombarding you from left to right, it sort of takes away the enjoyment.

Tip: Rush to the train and sit next to the window facing out away from the train station.

 DSCF2090DSCF2112 copy


DSCF2141 copy


We arrived at Flam and we had a couple hours to kill before our boat tour. We went looking for places to eat but they were all closed so we went to the only market and bought a few items to set our own picnic. We went scouting for the best location to set our picnic and found these tables in front of the best view EVER.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


After eating and relaxing, I decided to recheck our schedule and noticed that all this time, I was looking at the arrival time instead of the departure time. So the boat was leaving at the time I was re checking the schedule. We ran to the other side of the town but it was too late. We’ve missed the boat by a few minutes. We went to the tourist information center and asked if there was a second boat setting out that day but the next one was the next day. This meant delaying our entire trip if we decided to stay overnight at Flam and incurring extra expense. So it was either missing the Fjords or taking the boat tour the next day and possibly delaying the entire trips and incurring extra expenses. I made the executive decision and decided to take the bus to Voss, skipping the Fjords, so we could catch up to the train to Bergen and be back on track. I was very upset at myself that I could make such mistake. I decided to just let it go and actually enjoy the bus ride to Voss, which actually was very pleasant. Not Fjord nice but still pretty nice. We took our last train from Voss and finally made it to Bergen.

DSCF2165 copy

DSCF2171 copy


Norway In A Nutshell, Worth It?

Was Norway in a Nutshell worth it? Yes. You definitely, have to do it. The train ride from Oslo to Mydal was amazing, Flam has one of the best view, and if you don’t have enough time to explore the Fjords on your own, the boat tour is a great option.

Norway has so much I still want to explore, I have on my bucket list to go back just to explore its nature. Now, with the Euro at all time low and Norwegian Airline making it so cheap to fly to Scandinavia, this could happen sooner than later. Always looking at the positive side right?


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