#SundayFunday While Visiting LA

Visiting LA

#SundayFunday While Visiting LA

LA is my second home. Every time I’m visiting LA, I realize that there is no place I find more eclectic than LA’s scene. The scene entails a plethora of all things encompassing food, shopping, and people…people you meet while dancing (till 2am, that is). Earlier this year, my best friend showed me around her favorite city of all time (Chicago), so it was only fitting to return the favor. Will be hopping on a flight again in March to show the beau around. If anyone feels like nominating me to @discoverLA as the city’s official host, go right ahead… I’ll show you around too!

Below is a glimpse of what went down on #sundafunday while visiting LA with Le Bestie 


9 am

You can’t skip breakfast or brunch when visiting LA if you want to blend in with the locals. But if you think about it, why would anyone want to skip such satisfying and fun meals anyway?! 

Headed to Urth Cafe around 9am for a hearty breakfast and their famous matcha green tea latte with almond milk (a classic). Everything on the menu sounds healthy yet so delectable! 

Urth started in Santa Monica but you can easily find it now in bigger towns. I usually go to the one in Downtown. I’m sure you’ve seen me rave about the Cafe in previous posts… I stop by whenever I’m on the west side. 

If you’re not an early riser, brunch at Republique will be the perfect way to start your noon sesh. Imagine a modern French eatery amid a building built by Charlie Chaplin in the 1900’s where communal tables and high ceilings create an airy and inviting ambiance. The baked goods on display will produce gluttony at first sight. Classics and creatives: Croque Madame -excellent, Morning Bread – miam! (that’s French for yumm), Mushroom Toast – worth every bite.  Matcha green tea latte and milk tea were clearly the drinks of choice to accompany such mouthgasms! If you are visiting LA, make sure to add this spot to your list.

Side note: their brunch menu is only available on Sats and Sundays 8a-3p.

2 pm

Tummies are full, caffeine is kicking in, Sunday Funday has officially begun! We venture over to the newest artsy spot – The Broad Museum, full of contemporary art. Entry is free but reserve a ticket so you can bypass the line to get in line to get a ticket (I’m not exaggerating). Make sure you don’t miss Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored room. A minute in this room will make you feel like you are floating in space alone, but in a magical way. Takashi Murakami’s massive eighty-two-foot-long painting was pretty interesting. Name droppings: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and Barbara Kruger are currently on display. 


Venice Beach, Hollywood’s quintessential version of LA. Miles of boardwalk filled with vendors, performers, and everything in between create this iconic area. As a first timer, the boardwalk is  a fun place to explore for a few hours. Don’t hang around “natural medicine” shops for too long or you’ll end up feeling quite hungry. “Medicated” or not, save your appetite for something away from the Beach.

4 pm

Fancy Shmancy time…In the mood for figs, herb infused olive oils, bite-sized tartines, or anything that just sounds mouth-watering? We certainly were..Enter Fig and Olive, a restaurant & bar frequented by locals and celebs, serving seasonal Mediterranean fare. In sight of recent news, bad press, good press – this place is delicious regardless! Maybe we are just biased because we love figs and olive oils, literally. We order appetizers, mostly the entire selection of crostini, enough to feed a group of 5, and two entrees. With food babies growing, our wandering eyes find our lovely, adorably elderly neighbors enjoying dessert. (Have I mentioned Le Bestie has an extremely sweet tooth???) We glanced over as they kept enjoying the mysterious chocolate treat. Alas, we ask the waiter about it and immediately order.  As we began enjoying the creamy chocolate mousse pot filled with praline crunch and vanilla cream, someone attempted to order seconds! That quickly came to a halt as stomach limits were reached. The restaurant was about to go on siesta and so were we. 

5 pm

Rather than taking a nap, we decide to be adventurous without involving food! In the mood for something different, we head out to Joshua Tree National Park. What’s more fun and Californian than a road-trip to the desert? Check out our complete desert exploration here.

10 pm

After running around making art, attempting to climb boulders and not step on scorpions, we finally arrive at our cozy Air BnB with comforting Korean soup from Surawon. This place is an hidden gem! I was introduced by a friend years ago after a day of snowboarding. Don’t be thrown off by the decor, the menu is the real deal. Don’t speak Korean? don’t worry, one of the waitresses understands English.

Suggestion box: Galbie tang is a must; this soup will hit your core…in a good way.

After a day and night of food, art and nature adventures, we head to dream land so it can all start again the next day! 

Visiting LA


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