Traveling Solo as a Female

Traveling Solo as a Female

Traveling solo as a female can also be nerve-wracking especially if you are taking the jump for the first time. So here are some of the most common fear we face when traveling alone.

Common fears of traveling alone

  • Safety is a legitimate reason but I will get back to this one.
  • Fear of eating alone – Unlimited Korean BBQ for one, please! Not.
  • Feeling alone


#Hallstatt, Hallstatt, Austria

Tackle the fear

Embrace the fear. Once you realize you are really on your own, you will feel an overwhelming sensation of fear and satisfaction. You will feel empowered like you could take on the world. You can finally visit any place you want, eat anywhere you want, and you can take it as slow or as fast as you would like. Feeling alone? Make new friends! (of course, use your good judgment) There are people like you traveling all over, especially in Europe! Meet locals – again, use your good judgment. If you are a bit shy, this is the moment to step out of your comfort zone. On a solo soul-searching adventure? bring headphones! Even if the feeling of loneliness does not go away, remember this: you just went traveling solo as a female, and that is pretty awesome.

How To Eat Solo


Traveling Solo as a Female – EATING TIME


Before you venture into eating any kind of street food, make sure the food is safe to eat. Always turn to locals and see if is a common thing to do or if your stomach can take it.


Buy a few items at the local supermarket, go to a park, and have a mini picnic! Enjoy a day out and some people watching all while you eat your budget friendly and delicious lunch.


In many countries, this is a very normal thing to do. For example, in Scandinavia, if you order to go, you won’t get charge the service fee which is very steep (25% for tax and tip.) You would be saving money too! In Italy, order a Panino or Focaccia to go!


In many coffee places, there are small tables meant for only one or two people. They are usually on the sidewalk o by the window. Get a coffee and enjoy some people watching. My favorite pastime.


When you are not eating, you can read a book, check your schedule, check the city map, or simply enjoy your coffee while you do some people watching. Keep yourself busy and your mind won’t think about the awkwardness of eating alone.


Nobody is judging you for eating alone. There are many people, travelers, and locals alike, who eats alone. You are not the first nor the last person to do it. - Copenhagen Denmark

Traveling Solo as a Female – SAFETY TIPS

As a female, I take extra precaution when I travel, especially when traveling solo.

  • Do research – Research the are where you are staying. make sure is not some shady area and that you will feel safe
  • Blend in – Try not to look ULTRA touristy
  • Limit your night excursions or transit in very busy areas and well lit
  • Do not just spit out all your travel plans and personal information to every creeper that approaches you – How long will you be in town, Where you are from, What you do
  • If you see some creeper trying to approach you in the street, walk faster and do not make eye contact – I’m not saying every person is a creeper but be mindful
  • Do not engage with creepers when you are walking
  • Do not get wasted
  • Update someone about your location or Keep track of your location on Facebook
  • Don’t flaunt the cash even if they are just singles
  • Make copy of all important document or take pictures of them
  • Bring a pepper spray (you can travel with it! TSA allows it in the check-in luggage)
  • Be confident! – Don’t let all these deter you from traveling solo!

The first time traveling alone is the hardest, but there is a growing number of female solo travelers that can attest to the wonder of traveling alone. Traveling solo as a female is not easy but you will learn and grow so much from the experience, it’s well worth it. Go ahead and take the leap.

Traveling solo as female

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