Ultimate Guide To Bucharest Hidden’s Gems

Ultimate Guide To Bucharest Hidden’s Gems

Bucharest’s hidden gems

Bucharest, the city of hidden gems – At a glance, the Romanian capital is not the most picturesque town in Europe. Some may even say it’s not a city where one falls in love at first sight. It is rather a place where the adventurers are challenged to hunt for its secret gems. After all, most shops in Bucharest are hidden either between alleys or behind decaying buildings; sometimes underground or even concealed like a speakeasy in an era of prohibition.

Luckily, on my Experience Bucharest trip, I got to meet many locals that were more than happy to share with me some of their favorite spots. So here is a complete guide to help you navigate the quirky city and find its hidden gems. The list is a compilation of places I visited as well as local’s recommendations.

Basic knowledge

Bucharest is the Capital of Romania
Bucharest time zone: Eastern European Time Zone | UTC+02:00
Romania Currency: Leu/Lei 1 USD = 3.99 Lei

Note: Some of the photos are not taken by me. You can find the owner by clicking or hovering over the image.

Coffee shops

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is exploring its coffee culture. I love finding hips and unique coffee shops where I can sit and relax, watch people walk by, or catch up with work. There’s nothing like the aroma of coffee to boost productivity.

Bucharest’s coffee culture went from just a handful of coffee shops in the city to new ones popping up on every corner. Catching up to the modern coffee scene, Bucharest has certainly managed well. The city is now bustling with unique and trendy cafes that are not only Instagram-worthy but also know a thing or two on how to make perfectly brewed coffee.


Strada Lipscani 9


Str Jules Michelet 12


Two Minutes

Constantin D. Aricescu 50A



Intrarea Bitolia 4



Strada Mendeleev, 2


Ultimate Guide On How To Experience Bucharest |


Location 1: Visarion 2 (Bulevardul Dacia 19) | Location 2: Uruguay 22


The Urbanist

Bucharest 030167


Ultimate Guide On How To Experience Bucharest |

Bloom Specialty Coffee

George Vraca, nr. 7


VanFruct Mendeleev

Strada Ion Câmpineanu 21

Boiler Coffee Shop
Str Daniel Constantin, nr 25

Bd Iancu de Hunedoara, nr 54B

Camera din față
Str Mendeleev, nr 22

Tip: Try the coffee before adding sugar! Great coffee doesn’t need sugar 😉

If coffee is not your thing, you can check out the many tea places in the city.

Bernschutz & Co Tea
Str Ioan Nistor, nr 6

Bucharest Nightlife

Ultimate Guide On How To Experience Bucharest |

It wouldn’t be Experience Bucharest if I didn’t stop by a few bars and clubs! The party scene in Bucharest is eclectic and hidden in unusual places. Music can range from electronic to contemporary Gypsy.

On my first day in Bucharest, the night started with cocktails at a rooftop, followed by an after-party at one of the best clubs in Bucharest. The following nights, we visited different bars, lounges, and clubs. If you are not into partying until the sun comes out but still want to enjoy Bucharest nightlife, you can also taste local beers or creative drinks at hip bars, or a nice glass of wine at wine bars. Bucharest nightlife caters to any taste.

Tip: If you want to party where the locals do, skip Old Town Bucharest.

Player Club

Control Club

Alt Shift


Although locals steer away from Old Town Bucharest, there are a few hidden gems in the area you should check out.


As the name implies, Shoteria serves shots! But not just any shots. Their drinks are creative concoctions that will have you coming back for more!

Pura Vida
Pura Vida offers an intimate atmosphere with a great view of the old town.

4 Ways On How To Experience Bucharest

Day drinks

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? Enjoy a drink with friends or solo at one these fantastic places.

The Wine Bistro Vinexpert
Calea Victoriei nr. 155, Bl. D1, sector 1

Linea / Closer To The Moon
Calea Victoriei 17, Sect 3

FIX me a drink
Str Ion Brezoianu, nr 23-25

Strada Duzilor, nr.12

Biutiful by the lake
7-9 Nordului Street
Opened during the day in the summer only.

Dianei 4
Str. Dianei, Nr. 4

Gradina EDEN
Calea Victoriei 107 (Palatul Stirbei)


Dining in Bucharest

It may be strange to think of Bucharest as a foodie’s destination but check out these restaurants. It may change your mind!

Tipping in Bucharest: The standard tip is 10%

Tip: Make sure to try Bucharest’s refreshing lemonades! They are 100% natural and with no sugar added. You will find a lemonade section in many restaurants’ menu.

For traditional Romanian fare visit:

La Mama Centrul Vechi
Strada Băcani 1

As the name implies, La Mama invokes traditional homecook fare made by mom. You will find here traditional dishes like Sarmale and Mici but make sure to leave some space for dessert and get their famous Papanasi.


Novotel – Winestone restaurant
Calea Victoriei 37B Sector 1

Winestone has a modern take on traditional Romanian dishes yet still remaining true to its roots. They also have a wide selection of local wines that you must definitely try.


Str. Viitorului 34, Bucharesti

Gastronomika’s chef/owner brings together Romanian cuisine and his favorite dishes from around the world. The winning combination will satisfy anyone looking for great food and a cozy atmosphere.

For more internatinal dishes visit:

Kid you Not
Str Domnita Ruxandra, nr 7

Arc Bakery
Bd Mărăști, nr 20

Hashtag Pub
Șoseaua Mihai Bravu, nr 32

Palatul Bragadiru, Calea Rahovei, Nr 147-153

Str Polona, nr 40

Str Nicolae Golescu, nr 16

Str General Eremia Grigorescu, nr 10

Gram Bistro
Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 4-8

Ză Lokal
Calea Victoriei 214

The Artist
Calea Victoriei 147, Sector 1

Strada General David Praporgescu 31

Lulu’s Social Bistro
Str. Foișorului, nr. 107, Sector 3

Str. Ion Brezoianu, nr.4


Vegan Restaurants in Bucharest

Romanian is meat lover’s paradise! The country’s traditional cuisine is a blend of neighboring regions’ traditional dishes as well as Turkish cuisine. Unsurprisingly, you will find lots of meat-heavy dishes in Romania. But fear not, vegans can also strive in Bucharest. There are few vegan restaurants in the city where you can find from simple salads to traditional dishes like Sarmale prepared vegan.

Local tip: During fasting, Romanians Orthodox eat “fasting food” which is vegan. So if you find yourself in a restaurant with limited vegan options on the menu, try ordering “mancare de post”

Strada Puțul lui Zamfir 50

Smardan Street No 33

Strada Aricescu D. Constantin 50A

Raw Vegan Little Tyke
Soseaua Vitan Barzesti, Sector 4, Nr 7D -7E,

Bulevardul Ficusului 10B

Sara Green
Strada Nicolae Caramfil 85

Strada Negustori nr. 26
Vegetarian-friendly and vegan options available.

Some of these places serve vegetarian dishes so make sure to ask before ordering.

Shopping in Bucharest

In a city like Bucharest where everything is trendy and quirky, shops are no exception.

Calea Victoriei 14

Carturesti Carusel

This shop is probably the most famous store in Bucharest. Its beautiful architecture attracts many visitors and photographers. And if you were anything like me, you would easily spend an hour browsing its catalog. Bonus: They have a lovely coffee shop at the top.

Strada Lipscani 55

The Urbanist

Imagine a magical place that serves coffee, sells trendy clothing, and plays killer underground electronic music after hours. Enters The Urbanist.

Bucharest 030167

14 Nicolae Golescu Street

Events / Market

The Romanian capital is not only about cool places but also about events. Bucharest is always busy! Between festivals, markets, and art walks, there is no shortage of things to do in Bucharest.

Make sure to check out the event calendar before visiting here:

Flea market
The Antiquities Collectors Market

Memories Bazaar

Vitan Market

Obor Market


Is there any other place you would like me to add? comment down below and let me know!

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  1. Grace Silla

    15 July

    Underground shops?? That sounds intriguing! I love how comprehensive this foodie guide is and I can’t believe how many coffee shops there are! We love trying out coffee shops everywhere we go and so it makes me happy to see so many lattes haha! And Orygyns is adorable.

    • Diana

      15 July

      haha me too! I love going to coffee shops everywhere I go! There are so many in Bucharest and new ones popping up that by the time I visit again, I may have to do another post! and their coffee is top notch!

  2. Alaine

    15 July

    Oooohhhh… Bucharest has been on my bucket list for a while but I haven’t made it there yet. Those coffee shops are beautiful! I wouldn’t even think that was in Bucharest. I picture Bucharest to be kitschy and quirky filled with historical buildings but not very modern. I think your pictures showcase a different side of Bucharest than what I have seen as well as pictured in my mind.

    • Diana

      15 July

      You need to visit soon! Yeah, I didn’t know either and was completely shocked at how many great restaurants and coffee shops there were! At first glance it is but as I mentioned, you have to search for those hidden gems!

  3. Wow, what a comprehensive and different guide! Totally agree with Alaine – this shows a different side to what I pictured the city to be like.

    • Diana

      15 July

      Thank you! I hope it helps you when you visit. Bucharest is highly underrated!

  4. Kathi

    15 July

    Oh my god, I had no idea Bucharest had so many cool cafes and eateries! I’m vegan, so I love that you included a vegan section too 🙂 I think it’s time for a city trip – did you find it rather cheap there? (I’m used to UK prices)

    • Diana

      15 July

      Me neither! It was a pleasant surprise when I found out. I’m glad you liked it! I hope you find it useful when you visit 🙂 Oh yeah, Bucharest is very cheap! You will find it ultra cheap if you are used to UK prices 😂

  5. Simona

    8 November

    So I read your post and made me miss soooo much my home city Bucharest…. yes, for the ones who haven’t been there it yet, Bucharest is such a gem with a lot of undiscovered beautiful places; by the way, you hit many of my favorite coffee spots in Bucharest 🙂

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