Hallstatt, The Most Instagrammed Town in Austria

Hallstatt, The Most Instagrammed Town in Austria

We embarked in the morning train from Vienna to Hallstatt, the most Instagrammed town in Austria (search #Hallstatt and you will see.) Outside was a quintessential Austrian village with wooden houses adorned with colorful flowers, surrounded by a calm and beautiful lake. Fall foliage was also on display (I know, it sounds too surreal!).

Hallstatt Austria Most Instagrammed Town

Obertaun Dachsteinhรถhlen train station is conveniently located across the lake, all you have to do is hop on a short ferry ride...or swim if you're feeling Ironman-ish. Either way, you'll experience phenomenal views! Two trains, a ferry, and 3.5 hours later, we arrived at Hallstatt. Hallstatt is one of UNESCO's heritage sites. Although a small town, Hallstatt has become extremely popular among tourists. I do love roaming destinations as if I were a local, that won't happen here - still a wonderful place to explore.

We stayed at Seehotel Gruener Baum. This hotel has the best locale in the village, in the center of the town facing Market Square! Colorful houses dating back to the 16th century surround the area. At Hallstatt city center you'll find Holy Trinity Column, erected in 1743.

Don't judge, everyone needs at least one touristy picture!

Hallstatt Austria

Although the day was overcast, Hallstatt remained vibrant with its beauty. I found that it gave this charming small town more character. The colorful leaves and houses contrasted the gloomy weather beautifully. Although there is not much to do in Hallstatt and people typically visit for a day trip, it still is worth a visit. Sit by the lake, enjoy hot chocolate and the view of this town that makes us feel poetic! We enjoyed a walk through the town and admired the petite wooden houses infusing the scent of burning wood into the crisp air. After enjoying a blissful sunset, we headed back to the hotel to enjoy dinner while overlooking the lake. Hallstatt was a pit stop from our hectic adventure across Europe and a lovely one at that.

I need to find me a hat like this one!

There is no doubt why this is the most Instagrammed town in Austria #Hallstatt


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