For The Foodies: Quick Guide To Mexico City Food

For The Foodies: Quick Guide To Mexico City Food

Quick Guide To Mexico City Mercado Roma

Quick Guide To Mexico City Food

After an hour ride to the hotel from the airport, our bellies yearned for Mexico City food. We asked some of the hotel staff for a scrumptious taco spot and they recommended El Farolito-we also got a list of great restaurants and where to eat in Mexico City. On our way there, we saw a plethora of restaurants – needless to say, it was hard not to stop by every single one of them.  Talk about foodie galore!

Visiting Mexico City?

El Farolito

I was overly excited to finally eat tacos after a long day but when I saw the mamey juice on the menu, I knew I was in the right place. We ordered tacos al pastor, rib eye tacos, and of course, mamey juice. I admit, there are many delicious tacos and cheaper places, even in Polanco, but with this place – the mamey juice was worth it.

Mercado Roma

For eclectic Mexico City food options, head out to the newest foodie destination, Mercado Roma-a food hall with churreria, rooftop bar, taquerias…The options are endless.

Quick Guide To Mexico City Mercado Roma

Cocina Conchita

Craving fish tacos? Enter: Cocina Conchita. A spot frequented by locals for a delicious bite and a drink or two. The ambience is fun and the restaurant gives a throwback to the 60’s office vibe. We ordered the tuna tartar tostadas, pork tacos, and lamb dish.

Quick Guide To Mexico City Food Concihita Cocina

Parque Polanco

When visiting Mexico City, one must try street food! During the weekend, you can find markets and fairs set up on streets and parks.

This was indeed a surprise. We headed to the park for a walk and found little stands setting up to sell stuffed animals, sweet treats, face painting, and anything you can find in a fair. I couldn’t resist and let my sweet tooth encounter indulgence.

Mercado Polanco

There is nothing more awesome than Mexico City food, specifically tacos but the fresh fruits are also amazing. Head to a farmer’s market and get some figs, mamey, mango, or any fruit you like! I got some fresh fruit to have for breakfast the next day. You can also find cheap and delicious tacos in these markets.

Lucha Libre

Lucha libre anyone? Well, this was unexpectedly fun! Everything is evidently “entertainment” but you get so into it that in no time, you are cheering for whoever just became your favorite luchador. Head to the Arena Mexico hungry? No worries, there are many vendors making sure you don’t get hangry, selling all kind of snacks. I got a mini Domino’s Pizza!

Tip: Make sure you bring cash and small bills.

Tip: Cameras are not allowed but phones are fine and everybody was taking pictures with it.

You can get your tickets in advance at Ticketmaster or at the arena.

El Palacio de Hierro

Mexico City food – as fancy as it gets. Head out to the 3rd floor (or 2nd as they call it) and you will find yourself in foodie heaven. This floor encompasses desserts, churros and Mediterranean tacos – I could go on and on. Here you will also find Churreria El Moro.

Churreria El Moro

This churreria is a well-known chain and for good reason. For under a dollar, you get 4 big churros! There are churro ice cream sandwiches, hot chocolate, milkshakes and teas. I ordered the French hot chocolate to accompany my churros. Talk about a perfect combination! For their cutest location, go to the one located in Colonia Cuauhtémoc.

Quick Guide To Mexico City Food - Churreria El Moro

La Gruta

Searching for a unique experience? How about dining in a cave? After climbing the pyramids and exploring the plazas, head out to Puerta 1 and as you venture outdoors, you’ll find the doors to what will be a dining adventure. Although very touristy, the prices are very reasonable and food is quite appealing to the palate. We ordered guacamole, a black bean soup, and pork wrapped in banana leaves, cooked underground.


Ready to enjoy list-worthy dining? Enter Pujol, Mexico’s top restaurant and No. 25 on the “top 50 restaurants in the world” for Mexican haute cuisine.  Talented Chef Enrique Olvera has taken Mexican food to a whole new level, adding his signature notes to perfect every salivating item. Olvera also opened his own cafe ENO so you could also enjoy his masterpieces for brunch.

Pujol Mexico – Mexican Food Meets Haute Cuisine



Have you been to Mexico City? What other restaurants would you add to the list?


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  1. Hannah

    12 August

    Cocina Conchita!! That’s where you’ll find me when I make it to Mexico City! Looks DELISH! Thanks for the helpful tips 🙂 xx Hannah & The Sunny Side of Things

    • Diana

      13 August

      They have some awesome seafood tacos and tostadas! I’m glad you found them helpful 😀 xo Diana

  2. Lily Flowers

    9 November

    Ugh you just took me back!! Food in Mexico is amazing. I have family in different parts and always eat my days away when I visit. You should try a burger next time from somewhere local, amazingggg!

    • Diana

      9 November

      I know! I gain a few pounds there! I was eating so much 🙈 That’s awesome you get to visit your family there! I will definitely add that burger to my list next time I visit.

  3. Elise Darma

    9 November

    yum! mexico city is at the top of my list. have always wanted to go. personal question.. did you get sick from the food at all? traveler’s sickness..

    • Diana

      11 November

      You need to go. At least for the food 😋 I was worry I would since my stomach became very sensitive from eating very very healthy but I prep myself before going 😂😂 taking probiotic helps too.

  4. Grace Silla

    9 November

    I had no idea the food was so good! I had to Google mamey juice and now I’ve added it to my list of things to try!

    • Diana

      11 November

      It’s delicious and cheap! My kind of paradise haha yes, mamey is so expensive here in the US is crazy! I also bough it at the farmer’s market to eat for breakfast at the hotel and they were so sweet and good 😋 definitely try it!

  5. Sherri

    10 November

    I love this article! Mexican food is so delicious, I didn’t realize there is this much variety. I’m bookmarking this post for my next trip. Thanks for sharing!

    • Diana

      11 November

      Thank you Sherri! Yes, I love Mexican food. I may have loved it a bit too much and came back with a few extra pounds too! 🙈 Hope you visit soon!

  6. Christie

    10 November

    I need some of those fish tacos from Cocina Conchita ASAP!! I haven’t been to Mexico City yet but I’ve heard from many people that it’s one of their favorite spots ever so I’ve gotta go soon for sure. Pinning this for when I do go 🙂

    • Diana

      11 November

      hahah yes! It was so good and the location is very cute too! 70’s office vibe! We ended up there because we asked a local where should we go eat that had authentic Mexican food haha We saw only local people there.

  7. Mihaela

    11 November

    Thank God I read this after I had lunch!! Otherwise it would kill me! lol. I love this type of guides for a city as I am a big gourmand and love to try various foods and places, especially if they were tested before 😉

    • Diana

      11 November

      hahaha thank you! I will write more of this kind of post then! But to be honest, that’s all we did in Mexico City. EAT. 🙈

  8. Daphne K. Lee

    11 November

    Hola from Instagram!

    I loved La Gruta! You listed a lot of options that I have yet to try as well – I feel like a lifetime is not even enough to taste all the good food that Mexico City has to offer… not even counting in the rest of Mexico! Also, love your food pics 🙂

    • Diana

      11 November

      Yes, we were pleasantly surprised there! Since it was very touristy we didn’t expect much but it was yummy! haha I know right? So much delicious food there! Awee Thank you so much! 😘

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