PUJOL Mexico - Mexican Food Meets Haute Cuisine

When people think about Mexican food, the last thing that comes to mind is refined cuisine. But that didn't stop Enrique Olvera, the mastermind behind Pujol. The Mexican chef set out to change the world’s perception of Mexican cuisine by taking it to a heightened level-Mexican food meets haute cuisine. Olvera faced an uphill battle trying to convince Mexicans that their own food could be as sophisticated as French cuisine. *Spoiler Alert* It was successful endeavor as Pujol is currently ranked at No. 25 on the "top 50 restaurants in the world". Learn more about Enrique Olvera on Netflix’s series Chef’s Table season 2.

As soon as you are sat, you are presented with a cute envelope sealed with candle wax, stamped with the restaurant’s logo. If you don’t eat spicy food, don’t worry -  Pujol will customize the menu for you.

The six-course menu was somewhat flexible. We made our own selections for items 3 and 4.

Appetizer - Street snacks

The street snacks were incredibly good. Every bite was a delicate savor of Mexican flavors.

  • Bocol Huasteco
  • Asparagus chileatole, mulato chile chicharron
  • Chia tostada
  • Chicken chicharron with escamoles

I ordered:

  • Chilacayote aguachile
  • Shrimp Tostada
  • Chicken, chile adobo

My boyfriend ordered:

  • Chilacayote aguachile
  • Suckling lamb taco
  • Comfit catch of the day

The renowned Mole madre was as delicious as promised. The Mole madre is a combination of moles from previous days, an ongoing technique-as of the day of our visit-for 1004 days. The dish is presented with the Mole madre and the mole of the day. The two contrasted each other but blended exceptionally well together.


They were not joking when they named the dessert part "Happy Ending". The churros by the way, were the best I have ever had!

If you are planning to dine at Pujol, make sure to book your table well in advance. Pujol Mexico is a rising foodie destination!


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PUJOL Mexico - Mexican Food Meets Haute Cuisine
PUJOL Mexico - Mexican Food Meets Haute Cuisine