6 Reasons Why Copenhagen Is The Coolest City in Europe

When it comes to embracing European friendships, being diplomatic is often a challenge! I consider Copenhagen one of my favorite cities in Europe but let’s just hope my European friends are not judging me for this. Before you start judging, let me explain why this illustrious city captured my heart.


Danish Design

When someone mentions Copenhagen, the first thing that comes to other people’s mind is IKEA’s cousin. No, no, no!  Copenhagen is neither IKEA nor its cousin. Denmark has its own style: clean, innovative, and timeless. These concepts reflect in every design, mostly showcased in Copenhagen. The charming yet eloquent style of the city is evidenced by the clusters of boutiques from local designers popping up on Gammel Kongevej.


The Black Diamond

Ah – the Black Diamond. Some of you may be familiar, some may not. This is a place where architecture meets culture meets knowledge.  The Black Diamond is a waterfront, angled, black granite landmark that not only serves as a library but a meeting place to enjoy art exhibits, concerts, and international discussion boards. This is truly the pride and joy of Copenhagen! I can easily spend an afternoon there browsing the iconic bookshelves and sitting by the deck overlooking the harbor.



When it comes to the culinary scene, Copenhagen is the crème de la crème of Scandinavia. The city is comprise of 15 restaurants deemed worthy of Michelin stars. Noma, the #1 restaurant in the world carrying two Michelin stars, is located in the outskirt - previously in the heart - of Copenhagen. With its ever-changing salivating delicacies, it’s no wonder there’s a 3-month wait to enjoy a perfectly satisfying evening. There are many restaurants all over the city that can entice your palate. Check out Mirabelle in Nørrebro, Royal Smushi Café or Next Door Café in København. For a fun and diverse approach, try Copenhagen Street Food, aka Food Trucks. Let’s not forget about the pastries! I could write about that for hours…



Nørrebro is my favorite part of Copenhagen. It is the most multi-cultural are in the city. Filled with vibrant colors, restaurants, trendy bars, and emerging designers’ boutiques tacked by a hipster youthful crowd. Need I say more?


Meatpacking District

The MD in Copenhagen is the unpretentious and affordable version of NY’s Meatpacking District.

I love how I blended with the crowd and submerged into their daily life. I felt, for a few days, like a true local. Maybe it’s because of the Danish hygge?


Culture & Life Quality

One of the things I love the most about Copenhagen is the people. I love how they simply gather in random areas for a drink or to hang out. They exude a friendly yet cool vibe at all times. Not only is the community approachable, but transportation system is functional, environmental efforts are proactive, gastronomy is diverse and infallible, and the overall city design is cutting-edge. No wonder it’s easily become one of the best cities in the world to live in!

When I fall in love with a city, I don’t fall in love with their alluring touristy attractions. I fall in love with their design, their people, their food, their substance, their culture…Simply, their way of life.

I hope I’ve painted a clear glimpse of why Denmark is named one of the happiest places on Earth.

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6 Reasons Why Copenhagen Is The Coolest City in Europe
6 Reasons Why Copenhagen Is The Coolest City in Europe

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