NOMA - What's It Like To Dine At The No. 1 Restaurant In The World

Noma Copenhagen has been consistently ranked as the top restaurant in the world currently at No. 3 and previously as No.1 for several years. Boasting two Michelin stars, Chef René Redzepi has always infused innovative menus with locally-sourced ingredients. As you walk into this dining experience, the entire staff welcomes you with smiles, as they know exactly who walks in through their doors.

Their menu of 15 plus small plates starts to emerge one by one in a perfectly timed manner. Each presented by their chef.

One of the most memorable dishes, was our first dish, a cabbage concoction - deceptively simple yet powerful in taste. They made cabbage taste like an explosion of exotic flavors in your mouth.

My favorite dish was the duck. I love duck and this was exquisitely prepared. It was the best duck I have ever had. The smokiness, the tenderness, it was simply majestic.

At the end of our degustation, one of the chefs took us for a behind the scene tour and described their process and how they all worked together as a team. We met all the chef in the kitchen and we even went to the upstairs level where the staff dines and brainstorm. Unfortunately, I didn't catch our tour guide name but she was the sweetest girl from New York. As we were taking the tour I mentioned how much I loved their in-house butter. As we got into our taxi, she came out running with a piece of their sower bread wrapped in tissue paper tied with a pretty ribbon and a container of their butter! (If you are reading this, you are the best!)

Do you need to go to the bathroom? A staff member will escort you to the bathroom.  The staff was wonderful and all very genuinely friendly and polite. The service was impeccable and I have nothing else to say but great job to this team for their wonderful masterpieces.

Noma is not a place where you go to have a meal. This is a place where you come to let your taste buds tingle. Simple ingredients are pushed to the next level. Where every condiment, vegetable, meat, are prepared in such a creative and delicate way yet powerful enough to pack a punch in your mouth. Every bite is a symphony of flavors so well put together and every chef is a master conductor.

Want to dine at Noma Copenhagen? Makes sure you check out their website. The reservation has to be made 3 months in advance.

Update: Noma 2.0 has finally reopened! Check out their site for the new address.


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NOMA - What's It Like To Dine At The No. 1 Restaurant In The World
NOMA - What's It Like To Dine At The No. 1 Restaurant In The World

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