Day Trip To Eze – The South of France Medieval Village

Eze Village Hill South of France


Eze Village, France

Perched on a hill over the Mediterranean Sea, the medieval French town is a must if you are visiting the Côte d'Azur. On our road trip through the South of France, Eze was one of our last stops – it was worth the wait! We arrived in the afternoon, and to our luck, there was only a small crowd of people that dissipated as we walked further in. The greenery surrounding the narrow passages, uneven stone streets, and awe-inducing views, made Eze incredibly charming. Upon entering the medieval French village, I felt transported back in time.

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Dreamy South of France Road Trip Itineary


Things to do in Eze Village 

You could easily lose track of time while exploring the intricate passages of Eze and admiring its jaw-dropping view. But there are also a few other things you shouldn’t skip while visiting the medieval town.



Explore the botanical garden Jardin Exotique d’Èze

Garden Hours

  • Monday - Sunday

  • Fall and Winter: from 9 am - 4:30 pm

  • Spring: from 9 am - 6:30 pm

  • Summer: from 9 am - 7:30 pm

The garden, perched above the village on top of the mountain, feels like a little oasis. Walking through the garden’s stone and curvy path, you will find sculptures, several cacti species, as well as regional plants. The best part of the garden is the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the hills below. Even if you are not a fan of botanic, paying the entrance fee to enjoy the view is well worth it. If you are planning to visit the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild as well, get the combo ticket for a reduced price.

Tip: There’s no cover in the garden, If you are visiting during the day and the sun becomes too much, you can take refuge on the north side of the garden where you will find lush plants for cover.


Eze Village Panoramic View France Cote D'Azur


Have a drink at the restaurant terrace of Château Eza

After walking around the village and exploring the garden, we settled in Château Eza’s restaurant terrace for a cold and refreshing tea. The panoramic view from the terrace is different from the view at the botanic garden, but beautiful nonetheless. It’s the perfect spot for a little pick-me-up.


Stroll through its narrow passages and find the hidden church

Strolling through the intricate passages of Eze old village is definitely a must. The little streets are not only full of history but also full of charm. It’s definitely one of those places where you visit to get lost in its narrow alleys. As you walk around, you will find restaurants, ice cream parlors, and shops – at a time, it may feel touristy, but escape to the neo-classical church for a peace and a brief of history. 



Hike the Nietzsche’s trail

Hiking fans, great news! You can hike down the Nietzsche’s path to the beach, Eze Sur Mer. The trail is named after the German philosopher Nietzsche, who lived in the area and it’s said that he climbed up the trail every day in the summer. The hike is a little strenuous, but the view is spectacular – I can see why he did it every day. 

If you absolutely love hiking, you can arrive through Eze Sur Mer and hike up the Nietzsche trail to Eze village.  


Where to stay in Eze, France

There are a few hotels in Eze village: Chevre d'Or, Château Eza, and just right outside the old town, Residence Eza Vista. I would highly recommend staying in a nearby city instead if you are only planning to visit Eze on a day trip. 

We were based in Cap D’Ail – one of my favorite cities in the South of France. It’s located 10 minutes away, offers breath-taking views, and it’s more affordable than Nice and Monaco. 

You could also stay in Nice if you are searching for convenience – it has the nearest airport to Eze - or in Monaco if you want a posh sojourn. From these three towns, you will find public transportation that takes you directly to the medieval village.


How to get to Eze

Eze is located between Nice and Monaco, and you could easily get there by car or bus. Many people day-trip to Monaco from Nice and include a quick stop in Eze Village - I do highly recommend it.


How to get to Eze By Car + Parking

If you rent a car to go on a road trip through the South of France, driving to Eze is an easy task, but finding parking can get tricky– just make sure to get there early before 10 am. There is a small parking lot at the base next to the village’s entrance. There is also street parking – just don’t forget to pay at the ticket machine. 


How to get to Eze by bus

If you are sans car and staying in Cap D’Ail, Nice, or Monaco, there’s a bus that will take you directly to Eze Village. Keep in mind that Eze Village is a medieval town located on a hill in Eze – hop on the wrong bus, and you will end up on the beach.

Getting to Eze From Nice

From Nice, you can take the bus #112 Monte Carlo and get off at Eze Village. Alternatively, you can take the #82 Plateau de la Justice. Just make sure you don’t end up taking the #100 that stops at Eze Sur Mer, which is the beach – unless you are planning to hike up the trail. 

Getting to Eze From Monaco

From Monaco, you will take the same #112 line but to Nice and get off on Eze Village. 

Getting to Eze From Cap D’ail  

You’ve guessed it. Take the bus #112 to Nice from the station Bautugan. 


How to get to Eze By Train

You can also take the train to Eze, but keep in mind the train station will leave you on the other side in Eze Sur Mer. Which means you will have to hike up from the beach. My suggestion is, take the train to Nice – if you are located elsewhere – and take the bus from there to Eze village. 



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