Guide to Reykjavik Nightlife

Surely, Reykjavik nightlife is not what Iceland is known for but that doesn’t mean there isn't fun when the sun sets. Reykjavik is booming with more than 50 bars, lounges and clubs all over its downtown area. They are all within walking distance which makes hopping around extremely easy and a must. Wondering how to maneuver Reykjavik nightlife like a pro? Below are some inside tips I extracted from locals on how to best navigate the nightlife jungle.




  • Pregame at home with friends before you head out to the clubs. Lines start forming between 12-1am so head out then. 
  • Dress to impress. Most places have dress code policies so no sneakers and jeans unless you're fashion savvy like a proper Scandinavian.


  • Bars and clubs get so crowded that it's common to be shoved around. Don’t be offended if this happens.
  • Smoking inside is prohibited. There are designated areas for you to spark something.

Things You SHould Know 

  • Most bars and clubs are on Laugavegur, Bankastaeti, Austurstraeti, Hafnarstraeti, and Hverfisgata.
  • Many places have long lines so plan accordingly and arrive early (early = 1ish)
  • Drinks are generally the same prices whether at bars or clubs. Take advantage of the ones that offer Happy Hour specials, usually from 5-7pm
  • It's not customary to tip at bars/clubs but also not unheard of. Bartenders will surely pay more attention to you if you do.
  • Most places don’t have entrance fees unless there's a special event
  • Closing time varies from place to place. On weekends, everything shuts down around 6am. Sunday-Thursday everything closes at 1am.
  • During weekdays, people tend to go to bars or coffee shops (hold your dancing feet till Friday or just practice those moves in your airbnb)
  • Eat before you go to sleep! You will see many hot dog stands open as you're out and about exploring Reykjavik nightlife. Try one of their famous hot dogs with everything! “Ein me∂ öllu” Check out this local giving a hot dog lesson.
  • Can’t spot a Taxi? Most people can't so save yourself the frustration and try the taxi waiting line by Laekjargata.

Now you are ready to enjoy Reykjavik nightlife! 

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Guide to Reykjavik Nightlife
Guide to Reykjavik Nightlife

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