Sephora Spring 2019 Beauty Insider Sale - Everything You Need To Get!

Sephora Spring Sale

Sephora Spring 2019 Beauty Insider Sale, is here! This is the time to stock up on favorites and finally take the plunge on those expensive items you were holding up for. Depending on your tier, the start time and discount varies.

So here's the breakdown:

VIB Rouge

  • Sale: 20% OFF

  • Start: April 26

  • Code: HEYROUGE


  • Sale: 15% OFF

  • Start: May 2

  • Code: HEYVIB


  • Sale: 10% OFF

  • Start: May 2


Favorites and Restock

This is the perfect time to restock on all your favorites and hopefully some of these will make your list of favorites too!

Skin Care

Agave+ Daytime Vegan Lip Balm $14

The BITE beauty Agave lip balm is my ultimate favorite lip balm EVER. It nourishes your lips and keeps them protected especially in cold weather. The lip balm saved my life when I was traveling in Maine last year. I rushed to Sephora and asked them to give me their best lip balm and was recommended the Bite Beauty Agave. I haven’t looked back!

Limited Edition Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil $72

I love Biossance squalane oil! It’s lightweight and hydrates my skin like no other oil. I love mixing it with moisturizers for extra hydration or with foundation for a glowy look. Biossance also offer 100% Squalane Oil $58 and Limited Edition Rose Glow Set $88 - a great time to use the discount code in combination with the sets to get more bang for your money!

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask Mini $22

I love using the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask on my daily skin care routine, but also while traveling. I usually wear it to board long haul flights to help my skin retain moisture - you will land looking fresh , 8 hour of flight who?

Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist $28

The Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist is another winner in my book. I used it non-stop on my last trip on the plane and while out and about. It kept my skin hydrated and refreshed on those hot sunny days. The fine mist is just a bonus.

Pineapple-C Brightening Serum $49

If you can only buy one item from Sephora, make it the Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Brightening Serum! I have been using it for a few weeks and it has made my skin so glowy even on days when I don’t apply it! Looking for that Korean-glass-skin look? This is it.

Water Sleeping Mask $25

How much do I love this sleeping mask? I’ve been using it since 2008 when I first discovered. Yes, I used to travel to Korea to get it, and then relied on small shops in LA to find it. This is the original sleeping mask for me.

Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution™ $6

Dr. Jart+ sheet mask are amazing and very hydrating. I love packing a few of these when I travel because we all know, traveling always wreck havoc on our skin. But traveling or not, this will surely help your skin stay hydrated and supple on those hot sunny days.

Matte Revolution Lipstick $34
Color: Pillow Talk

I’m a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick. I own a few and I can’t get over their formula. It’s Iight weight, hydrating, and somehow they look very natural. You just have to try it. My new favorite is Pillow Talk - universally flattering.

Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder $45

This setting powder is super lightweight and doesn’t cake up. I love my skin to look like my skin so when I’m using a light foundation, this powder won’t make me look like I’m wearing too much makeup. I even prefer it over the Laura Mercier setting powder - which I have used for years.

Skincare For Makeup Lovers Set $59

Love Tatcha? Then this set is a must! It’s a great deal on it’s own so you will certainly get your money worth with the discount!

This Set Contains:
- 1.35 oz/ 40 mL Full-Size Luminous Dewy Skin Mist (LOVE)
- 0.8 oz/ 25 mL Travel-Size Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil (YES!)
- 0.24 oz/ 7 g Travel-Size The Silk Canvas (Have yet to try this one)

Dior Lip Glow $34
Color: 004 Coral Glow

This is a classic. I love using the Dior Lip Glow when I don’t feel like wearing a lipstick, but need some color. I always travel with it and carry it in my purse. I take it with me even when I’m wearing lipstick, in case it wears off and don’t feel like reapplying a strong color again.

Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick $14
Color: 01 Always Red

This is Sephora’s best creation! Red lipsticks always wears off easily and while traveling this is especially true. Enters Sephora Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick! I love traveling with it as I don’t have to worry too much about reapplying when I’m out exploring. I can safely say, this is travel-approved makeup.

What I'm getting New

Hollywood Complexion Brush $40.00

I have heard great thing about this brush and it’s small size and dual brush makes it all more alluring to me - It screams travel friendly! Yes, I buy my makeup with a travel mindset.

Coconut Fix $25

I love buying minis because 1. they are travel friendly - obviously 2. I never finish full size products (unless it’s skincare.) Yes, you are paying more per oz/ml, but if you don’t use it all before it expires, aren’t you paying more per use? This is also a great way to finish a product and move on to the next new thing. There’s always a new product release!

Not So Basics Travel Set $29

I have been eyeing AMIKA products for a while until I saw that Christie from recommend it - also, she was horrified at the fact that I use hotel shampoo when I travel. So here I am, buying products for my hair.

Perk Up Dry Shampoo $25

I may not buy hair care products on a regular basis, but I do use dry shampoo. And when I do, my hair tend to fall flat so I’m looking forward to a bit of volume with the AMIKA Perk Up Dry Shampoo.

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