The Ultimate Cruise Packing List

Seven-Day Cruise Packing List  

Packing can be dreadful! The stress of not knowing if you have packed enough or the “I need options” always leads to overpack, which means one heavy luggage and one unhappy traveler. But after years of gallivanting around the world, I have perfected the art of packing – and that includes packing for a cruise.  So here’s my list of what to take for a sea voyage to help you stress less and enjoy more!  After all, cruises are meant to be relaxing. 


On the deck  

Kindle – Book

When on a cruise, reading material is a must. Be it in a digital or traditional form, a cruise is the best place and time to finally catch up on that book you only read 3 pages of. There will be days when the ship will be traveling which means, no Internet and no day excursion. 


Cover-ups are great for beach or pool day. If you go on a Caribbean cruise, you may need to pack 2-3. They are lightweight so it won’t take too much space in your luggage. 


I usually bring two sunblocks, one for my face and one for my body. I love Japanese sunblock (you can do a little research on Japanese vs. U.S. sunblock – you will be shocked) but they are a lot more expensive and harder to find, so I keep the good stuff for my face and the cheaper sunblock for my body. Make sure you bring at least one. 


You won’t need a swimsuit per day. Pack three if you want to save some space, pack five if you are the kind of gal that needs a little more options.   

Day handbag

Bring a lightweight bag that you can use around the cruise or take on beach days. I like to use a bag that’s somewhat waterproof, so I don’t have to worry about sand or to get it wet. On boarding day, you can use it to pack your essentials - like a chance of clothes + swimsuit - since you won't’ see your luggage until later on.  


On deck, you will need a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around. Check out this super affordable - and and most importantly comfortable - sandals. 


Sunglasses are a must accessory while on a cruise. They are not only a cute styling accessory, but they will also keep your eyes safe from the sun. Pack a pair or two for your trip.


Formal dinner

Formal attire

In most cruises, there are at least two formal nights where you will have to wear “cruise elegant” attire, which means cocktail dresses, pantsuits, or elegant skirts. So make sure to pack at least one nice outfit. Most nights are “cruise casual” which means summer dresses, casual skirts, or pants. 


In the cabin

Lush Charity Pot

Aftera day undert the sun, you need to re-hydrate your skin! Enters Lush Charity Pot, I call this miracle in a pot. This super moisturizing body lotion is the perfect moisturizer after a long day under the sun. It replenishes your skin plus the aloe will soothe the sunburn – way better than any aloe gel I have ever tried. It’s on the rich side, but your skin will thank you for it. 

Bedroom shoes

I always pack a pair of flip-flop when I travel to walk around the room but in this case, you can use them to walk around the cruise as well. Just make sure you don’t wear them for dinner! 


Unless you sleep a la natural, you will need pajamas. This set is comfy and cute!



On excursion

Light bagpack

Pack a light backpack that you can take on shore excursions - what better than a backpack that doubles as a camera bag? 

Herbivore Botanicals After Sun Skin Soothing Aloe Mist

After a day under the sun, your skin will crave some relief. Spray it with some Aloe soothing mist that will calm and alleviate sun-exposed skin. 

Straw Hat

There is such thing as too much sun! And if you are on a 7-day cruise, you will need a little break from it. A straw hat can give you some shade while on the dock by the pool or on a day excursion. It’s a pain to pack but bonus incentive: it makes a great photo prop. 

Sport shoes

Depending on the type of cruise you are taking, you may need some sports shoes for day excursions or comfortable sneakers to walk around. The Cole Haan are my favorite white sneakers. They are super comfortable and lightweight - worth the price!

Portable charger

Don’t let your phone and camera run out of juice. Pack a portable charger to ensure your tech doesn’t run out of battery.


Packing more than one pair sunglases is totally acceptable for a cruise. 

Excursion outfits 

Check your cruise’s itinerary to see how many days you get to explore a port. Plan an outfit for each day so you won’t run the risk of overpacking.  


I have also created a  cruise packing list PDF that you can download and print. Hope you find it useful!


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