What To Pack For Winter In Europe

what to pack for winter in Europe

Wondering what to pack for your winter vacation in Europe? As a Miami girl, your struggle resonates with me. But fear not, after countless regrettable packing decisions, I have finally mastered the winter outfit that will help you stay warm in the cold weather - it includes staying stylish and comfortable. 


Packing list for winter in Europe

Two Plus Weeks Packing List

  • 2 Coats or Heavy coats

  • 3 Sweaters or jackets 

  • 6 Thermal tops and bottoms

  • 3-4 Pair of pants/jeans

  • 2 Pairs of shoes 

  • 1 Glove 

  • 2 scarfs

  • 3-4 Winter socks

  • 1-2 Beanie or hat 

  • 1 Purse/camera bag

One Week Packing list

  • 1-2 Coat or Heavy coat

  • 2-3 Sweaters or jackets  

  • 3 Thermal tops and bottoms

  • 2 Pairs of pants/jeans 

  • 2 Pairs of shoes 

  • 1 Glove 

  • 1-2 scarfs

  • 2-3 Winter Socks

  • 1 Beanie or hat  

  • 1 Purse/camera bag



A good coat can make all the difference in staying warm. Tan coats are my favorite and they here to stay. Every season, the classic fall/winter staple makes a comeback and for good reasons. The tan coat is chic, adds a touch of color, and can make you look put-together with minimal effort. Invest in a good one if you like to jet in style. 

Heavy coat 

Facing colder temperatures? Canada Goose is your friend. Yes, they are expensive, but they are investment pieces. Their parka and jackets are very durable and can withstand low temperatures, wind, and light rain – they are so worth it. On my last trip to Romania, we were hit by a snowstorm, luckily I had my Canada Goose jacket with me to keep me warm.

Thermal Clothing

Want to know the secret to staying warm on winter vacations? Uniqlo Heattech clothing line. Uniqlo’s innovative collection will keep you warm on your daylong outdoor excursions. The Heattech technology works by absorbing your body’s moisture and turning it into warmth – the wonder of Japanese’s technology! 

There are 3 levels of Heattech: Heattech, Extra Warm, and Ultra Warm. Depending on the temperatures, I wear it solo or layered with a jacket or sweater. On colder days, I layer two to three Ultra Warm tops – they are so thin and stretchy, you won’t feel the layers. I highly recommend them!

Thermal Accessories

If you are like me, and your hands and feet go numb as soon as you step out into the cold, you will want to get these Uniqlo Heattech accessories as well. They are life changing!

Sweater + Jacket

Winter and fall are all about the cozy sweater and stylish jacket. I usually like to pack different colors sweaters and jackets to add an element of color and variety to my outfit– but these days, I’m into the monochromatic look with one color contrast. 

Tip: For the warmest sweaters, go for wool, merino wool, or cashmere. 


  1. Floral Cable Knit Sweater $99
  2. Alder Sweater $99
  3. Oversized Wool Blend Sweater $99
  4. High Neck Sweater $99
  5. Alpaca Blend Turtleneck $99


  1. Faux Shearling Jacket $110
  2. Women Ultra Light Down Jacket $69.90
  3. So Soft Peacoat $148
  4. Kate Faux Fur Coat $148
  5. Faux Fur Jacket $130


Scarfs are not only for keeping your neck warm. They also add a different element to your outfit. If you are traveling for more than a week, pack a variety of scarfs that complement your coats and jackets. 

  1. Pleated Wool Scarf $69
  2. Ribbed Cashmere Scarf $99
  3. Oversized Two Toned Wool Scarf $62
  4. Cashmere Scarf $48
  5. The Soft Wool Rib Scarf $65


On my cold weather vacations to Europe, I usually pack a pair of black boots that can be easily styled with most of my outfits and a pair comfortable running shoes, hiking shoes, or snowshoes – depending on the itinerary. 

For city jaunts, I love the Jambu Anita Ankle Bootie. They are everything I want in a pair of boots: made of leather, rubber sole (for better traction), and dual density insoles (less contact with the cold floor) – the booties are not only stylish but are also very comfortable.

Tip: I recommend sizing up and add a gel sole insert for added comfort.

For outdoor activities, I love the Teva De La Vina Dos Boot and Sorel Zip Boot. I put them to the test in Iceland and they out-did themselves. They are very comfortable, waterproof, and kept my feet warm even in the unforgiving Icelandic weather. Pair them with a cozy pair of wool or Uniqlo Heattech socks.

City Boots

  1. Sorel Phoenix Zip Boot $169.95
  2. Sorel Lolla Chelsea Boot $139.95
  3. Blondo Elvina Waterproof Bootie $149.95
  4. pDr. Martens Zillow $130.99

Outdoors + Snow Boots

  1. Sorel Winter Carnival Boots $159.95
  2. Sperry Saltwater Core Boot $99.95
  3. The North Face Chilkat 400 Boot $148.95
  4. Sorel Caribou Boot $159..95


  1. Cashmere Gloves $49
  2. Leather Gloves $69
  3. Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves $56.95
  4. Leather Gloves $29.99

Head pieces

Don’t forget to keep your head warm! Beanies are easy to pack, so feel free to pack an extra one to add a different element to your outfit. If you are planning on bringing a hat, try not to bring more than one as they are harder to pack.

  1. Leather Wool Fedora $59
  2. Chasmere Headband $39
  3. Cashmere Beanie $55
  4. Mia Pom Beanie $29.99

Camera Bags

A space saver trick is to pack something that has double duty, like a chic camera bag that can double as a regular handbag. Bonus points when your camera bag doesn’t scream “Hey, expensive camera equipment here!” -

  1. Rae Noir $169

  2. Christie Tan $198

  3. Chloe Noir $149

  4. Lola Tan $159

  5. Camille Rosewood $149

How to pack winter clothes in a carry-on

Believe it or not, packing winter clothes in a carry on is possible! Last year, on my month-long trip to Europe, I was able to bring two to three weeks worth of winter clothes in just a carry on - yes, you read that right. I was even called the Mary Poppins of packing - my biggest compliment yet. And let me tell you how I did it: compression bags and packing cubes

Compression bags

Compression bags are lifesavers for any traveler, but they are extra convenient if you are packing for a winter trip. You won't need a vacuum to make these bags work. All you have to do is roll the bag to push the air out. The two-way valve releases the air thus compressing your clothes. You will save so much space using these compression bags!

Packing Cubes

Who doesn't love packing cubes ? Packing cubes help keep everything organized. After compressing the coats, I keep them neatly organized and tightly packed in the packing cubes - every Virgo's fantasy.

Tip: Wear your heaviest coat on board, so you have extra space and something to wear when you land.


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